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The Stereotactic Guided Mammotome Biopsy

The Mammotome breast biopsy is a technological advancement that assists physicians in obtaining the right amount of breast tissue for a definitive diagnosis without surgery. The Mammotome’s ability to sample tiny abnormalities called micro-calcifications (which can be the earliest or only sign of cancer) makes early detection and accurate diagnosis easier.

How Should I Prepare?

  • No aspirin products (Coumadin/blood thinners) or vitamin E three days prior to the procedure. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the only over-the-counter pain medication that does not thin your blood. All other over-the-counter pain medications (Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Bayer, Goodys, etc.) will thin your blood. Tylenol may be taken before coming for your procedure.
  • There are no diet restrictions.
  • Wear a two-piece, comfortable outfit and a supporting bra (i.e. sports bra).
  • Arrive approximately 15 minutes earlier than your appointment time to complete the necessary paperwork.
  • You will be here about 1 hour and 30 minutes.
What to Expect During the Procedure

The technologist will review the procedure with you and you will be introduced to the radiologist that is performing the biopsy. We will also show you your mammograms so you will be able to see the area the radiologist will sample. We have a specially designed examination table that will allow you to lie face down with your breast through an opening in the table. The breast will be positioned using a special paddle with the area of interest compressed. The compression is usually not as uncomfortable as a mammogram. Digital images are obtained and marked by the radiologist to localize the abnormality. A local anesthetic will be applied to the area of interest, producing instant numbing. The radiologist guides the probe into the abnormal area and removes multiple tissue samples which are sent to the pathologist. The pathologist analyzes the tissue and usually will render a definitive and accurate diagnosis the following day. The radiologist will then call you with the results.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Most women experience minimal, if any, discomfort. A hematoma and bruising in the area where the biopsy was performed may occur. The tiny nick where the probe entered the skin and any bruising usually resolves in a few weeks.

  • We will provide you with an ice pack to place on the biopsy site. Please wear this inside your bra until that evening. Wear a supporting bra the day of the procedure and sleep in the bra that evening.
  • The clear bandage should be removed after two days. The steri-strips will fall off in about a week. If you experience a rash or irritation at the bandage site, please remove the bandages.
  • You may take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for discomfort. Do not take aspirin or aspirin based products because they can result in bleeding.
  • Limit movement of the arm on the side of the involved breast. Excessive activity could cause bleeding. If bleeding occurs, put very firm uninterrupted pressure on your incision for fifteen minutes.
  • If you should develop problems, especially a growing mass or inflammation near the biopsy site, please call The Women’s Imaging Center at (850) 878-6104. If the facility is closed a Radiologist can be reached through (850) 216-3377.