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Thyroid Treatment for Hyperthyroidism

What to Expect During the Procedure

We will ask that you ingest a capsule of a large dose of radioactive iodine and remain in the department for approximately 20 minutes to ensure that the capsule is not regurgitated.

How Should I Prepare?
  • Nothing to eat 4 hours prior to our appointment. You may have water to drink.
  • No shellfish/seafood be consumed 24 hours prior.
  • No iodinated contrast studies (IVP, CT, myelogram, angiogram) 6 weeks prior to this exam.
  • Be off thyroid medications 6 weeks prior including supplemental iodine, herbs, kelp, and seaweed.
  • If blood work has been done to evaluate thyroid function, please ask your physician’s office to fax results to us for comparison.
  • You should have had a thyroid uptake/scan prior to treatment.
  • Also, as another prerequisite, you should be taking a beta blocker prescribed by your physician.
What to Expect After the Procedure

Due to the large dose of radioactive Iodine used for this therapy, there are several suggested restrictions following the treatment. These restrictions include: proximity to others, dish washing and clothes washing instructions, sleeping arrangements, child care, diet and medications. These will be discussed in detail by our Technologist. Also, neck tenderness, swelling and/or sore throats are common complaints for a few days after treatment. This can be relieved by Tylenol. Also, no driver is required following this procedure. Reports will be sent to your physician within 5 business days. Contact your physician for any information pretaining to the findings.