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Renogram for Function with Lasix

What to Expect During the Procedure

You will lie on the table on your back. After starting an IV in your hand or arm, a radioactive tracer is injected. Following the tracer injection, a diuretic (Lasix) is administered to promote kidney drainage. Images are acquired continuously for approximately 30 minutes.

How Should I Prepare?
  • Hydrate well prior to this procedure.
  • No diuretic medication or caffeine are to be taken or consumed after midnight the day before.
  • Empty your bladder immediately prior to this procedure.
What to Expect After the Procedure

Upon completion, you may resume normal activities. There are no common side effects. Hydrate well for 24 hours following this procedure. Also, no driver is needed following this procedure. Reports will be sent to your physician within 5 business days. Contact your physician for any information pertaining to the findings.