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3 Phase Bone Scan w/WB bone and plain films as needed

What to Expect During the Procedure

You will be positioned on the table with the area of interest centered to the camera and will receive an intravenous injection of radioisotope in your arm or hand. This feels like a blood test. There are no common side effects. Images are acquired demonstrating the blood flow and soft tissue response during the injection. The radioisotope must circulate 3-6 hours to visualize the bone. Your are free to leave the facility and resume normal activities until the return appointment time designated by the technologist. Upon return, you will be asked to empty your bladder. It is not necessary to change into a gown. You will again lay on the table with the area of interest centered to the camera. Images will be acquired similar to the earlier scan. You will feel nothing and hear nothing, as this procedure is very quiet and easy to tolerate. Approximate scan time is 30-45 minutes. Upon completion, patients may resume normal activities.

How Should I Prepare?
  • There are no pre-procedure preparations for this scan.
  • If you have had pertinent x-rays, CT’s, or MRI’s done at other facilities bring the films or CDs for comparison with you.

Please notify our staff with any special needs.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Hydrate well following the injection and empty your bladder frequently for the next 24 hours. No driver is needed following this procedure. Reports will be sent to your physician within 5 business days. Contact your physician for any information pertaining to the findings.